Who is Akau?

Akau Jambo is a South Sudanese Stand-Up Comedian with a body of work that transcends nationalities and borders . Akau’s comedy is a mix of sociopolitical criticism and autobiographical reflections on his life and that of his mates. Drawing on the realities of being a South Sudanese who was born and raised up as a Refugee in Kenya & Uganda. He does this in a self deprecating manner, traversing various issues facing today’s societies.

Since his debut in 2016, Akau has toured his special “The Woke Refugee” across Africa featuring in Comedy Festivals and Comedy Clubs in South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Egypt, Botswana & U.S.A. He has been throughLegendary Comedy clubs like New York Comedy Club, The Comedy Strip, Laughing Skull, Cape Town Comedy Club, Parkers Comedy Club, Goliath & Goliath and The Punchline. It is through these tours that he got the inspiration to introduce the Juba International Comedy Festival; The First Comedy Festival in South Sudan. As the Founder & Creative Director, Akau hosted the debut of Juba International Comedy Festival on the 9th & 10th of April 2021

At the peak of the Pandemic, Akau took part of the UNHCR’s Luquluqu tribe comedy show dubbed “Africa is a continent, African is a Country ”. This was an online comedy show aimed at raising funds to support refugees affected by COVID in the camps. The show was able to raise $150,000. Akau considers this as one of his greatest milestones as he was able to give back to his fellow refugees in the camps.

The New York Laughing Buddha Comedy battle winner is also a Mandela Washington Fellow, a US Department of State funded program under The Young African Leaders Initiative Founded by President Obama. MWF is a very Competitive Program that brings to the U.S about 700 young African Leaders for a 6-10 weeks Training at different Learning Institutions in the U.S. Akau was attached to Michigan State University and later The Alliance Theater for Professional Development experience. 

Akau Jambo